From competitive data monitoring to empowerment

Competitive product intelligence analysis has a significant and positive effect on the success of brands and businesses. Competitive product intelligence analysis can help you understand the products and services provided by your own brand and other brands in the same market, the volume of marketing activities, and customer awareness of different brands and participation, as well as KOL's activity footprint and other dimensions of the difference.

From R&D, product management to sales and marketing, competitive product intelligence has positive value for the entire organization. Obtaining timely and accurate competitive product intelligence will provide a valuable source of information for brands.

Competitive Analysis Platform

Become a data value chain connecting multiple sectors


Marketing Team

Competitive product marketing activity comparison, digital strategy, and strategic dynamic monitoring


Product and R&D Team

Development of industry technology and therapy, tracking of new product launches


Sales Team

Responsible for the competition situation of regional market activities, and the dynamics of cooperation between key customers and competing products

Customer Success Stories

Competitive product intelligence brings positive value to the organization

Project Flow

Define, Verify, Execute Iterations

1. Discovery and definition

Determine the objectives of the competition analysis project, monitoring channels and platforms, and monitoring evaluation indicators

2. Historical data proof of concept

Import historical data to complete the proof of concept of the system dashboard and customized reports, check and improve the design of related evaluation indicators

3. Project execution and iteration

During the formal implementation of the project, regularly review and adjust the design of relevant evaluation indicators according to changes in market competition dynamics