A Digital Platform with Unified User Experience

Whether your customers see your product details on Tmall or JD.com, or get brochures, videos from exhibitions, or product information from salespeople, they hope to get exactly the same product information.

As your online channels diversify, you need one place where your sales partners can get the latest information on your products. At the same time, your sales team also hopes to be able to find the latest version of product information immediately when showing products to customers, instead of asking for help in WeChat groups.

Product data and customer data are equally important strategically. Product Experience (PX) is the foundation of customer experience, and product experience management is the key to providing first-class customer experience.

Digital Content Center

Six modules support multiple presentation layers & unified background content center

Official Account Management

Official account management, deep integration of WeChat

Editor Integration

WeChat content, internal sales content management, integrated Xiumi editor

Unified Video Material Management

Unified video material management library, integrated with Alibaba Cloud VOD & Baidu Cloud Disk

Live Management

Integrate mainstream live broadcast service providers

Online Meeting Platform Integration

Online department meeting, external education institute, integrated Zoom

User Behavior Tracking

Desensitized User Behavior System

Official Account Management

Unified management of multiple official account permissions and message functions

  • Automatically connect to the public account, the configuration will take effect immediately Control the authority of each public account

  • Automatically configure official account reply rules, completely unified management

  • Automatic push template message

Multi-live Site Management

Unique live broadcast site for each business department, sharing the same bottom layer

  • Smooth live broadcast creation experience

  • Unified management and service of private domain traffic

Content Management System

Atomized material management, Headless CMS serves multiple touchpoints

  • Integrate mainstream WeChat editors, support further HTML editing, and support review workflow

  • Content tag management, laying the foundation for analysis

  • Official account, micro-site, mobile sales tool multi-touch release

Video Material Unified Management Library

Automate workflows, offload workloads, and create seamless experiences

  • Video upload and acquisition automation

  • Unified video material management

  • Automated scripts transcode the video to improve the quality of playback