Human-Centered Design Thinking

Design thinking is a system of thinking methods for solving complex problems. The application of human-centered design thinking can help users sort out "non-linear" complex business problems. When the business problems we face are related to people, there is no very clear solution, there are many possible unknowns, we cannot rely on historical data and past experience, or the analysis of relevant data is insufficient, we can apply design thinking methods to deal with it.

There are many design thinking frameworks

Our Process

From quick-start training to lean innovation combined with low-code

1. Quick start training

1.5-3 hours of training sessions on design thinking history, methodology, general frameworks and tools, and industry-related cases

2. Choose tool combination according to project needs

Conduct preliminary brainstorming with the project core team to clarify project requirements, select the appropriate combination of design thinking and service design tools according to the actual situation of the project, and form a project plan

3. Combine low code to form MVP

For projects involving system and digital product development, combined with low-code development capabilities, quickly generate the minimum feasible product, collect feedback from the project team and key stakeholders of the project through workshops, and iterate MVP design

Customer Success Stories

Applying human-centered design thinking to break through the fog of complex business problems